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A Regular Guy for an Irregular Time

My name is George.  I would like to be your next Sheriff.  On my other pages here, I will try to explain how I want to be a positive impact on the Sheriff's Department, try to explain how and why I think I can be this impact, and even try to convince you to vote for me.  That, luckily, is about as political as I plan to be.  In this section, I want you to hopefully know who I am and from where I come.

In a sentence, I feel this is me:

I am a retired police officer from Fort Wayne, Indiana who reinvented himself after a full career into an educator who now wants to return to law enforcement to help those who truly want to leave the cycle of Recidivism.

I have worked hard to learn a lot when I was in school, way back in the 60s.  I worked for over thirty years as a police officer and then retired.  After retirement, I went back to college to start an entirely different adventure: Hotel and Hospitality Management.  During that time, I competed with students who were the same age as my children, and some even younger.  I had to relearn how to write for college professors and sound educated, or at least what they considered educated.  It was tough.  I struggled a lot.  I found out I also needed a lot of help.  Luckily, I was wise enough to find and accept that help.  I learned to write college essays and even Masters level essays.  I had to learn the current levels of Mathematics.  When I graduated high school, Algebra was Senior Math; when I entered college, Algebra was considered the rudimentary level of mathematics education.  I cannot tell you the struggle I had trying to catch up in the class.  However, I did it.  With help, humility, and determination, I have completed a number of degrees from various institutions in Indiana.

This is what I want to bring to the Sheriff's Department of Whitley County.  I want to bring a lifetime of experiences to help guide others not by telling them what I think is theoretically the proper action, but by pointing out what experts recommend and what I have personally tried and failed.

Please also bear with me as I learn how to use all these Social Media applications.  They never had a class on these in college or back at Elmhurst.

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