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Programs For The County

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The main goals of my administration are a self-sustaining department, a rehabilitating department, and a communicating department..  My hope is that many would question exactly how I as the sheriff of Whitely County could achieve these goals.  I firmly believe that without actions, plans are meaningless and actions without plans are fruitless.  Thus, I intend to create the following programs to achieve my goals.  I will provide more detailed explanations on my website; these will be brief overviews of the programs.


These are some of the programs intended to make the Whitely County jail self-sustaining:

  • “Pay to Stay” – prisoners “pay” for the accommodations while in jail.  This will be likely earned through rehabilitation goals combined with community service hours.

  • “Intercounty Housing” – will charge other law enforcement agencies for housing inmates in the Whitley County Jail.

  • “Eagle Power” – explore the possibility of moving to solar-based electricity for the jail and sheriff’s department.


These are some of the programs intended to assist with inmate rehabilitation:

  • SafeServ certification – this initiative will allow those inmates desiring certification for work in the food industry to learn and earn a nationally recognized certification to bolster future employment probability.

  • HSE assistance – under the jail commander’s purview, a program will be created that will meet and exceed preparation for the High School Equivalency test (formerly GED) for inmates seeking a diploma as a step towards rehabilitation and future employment.

  • The “Mini-Dinner Series” – this is an initiative to help those inmates seeking work in culinary arts to practice their skills and give back to the community.  Here, the inmates would prepare a three to five course dinner for any and all who wish to participate.


These are some of the programs intended to assist with community involvement:

  • Citizen’s Watch Program – this is a great program for citizens to feel agency within the criminal justice system.  Here, the effort is to reduce the “Us vs. Them” mentality and become more of a “we” policing system.  The goal is to either implement or bolster any programs in Whitley County.

  • Mounted Horse Patrol – these mounts have been used worldwide in situations where vehicles could pose either a real or perceived threat.  The Mounted Horse Patrol would be able to provide police protection to gatherings where the vehicles could not; examples would be public gatherings, concerts, parades, or other large group events.

  • “State of the Sheriff’s Department” – this address would be similar to a State of the Union, State of the City, or other address.  However, this would be specifically to provide information on the progress, impact, and cost of the sheriff’s office and its new programs.  Our goal would be to provide this report semi-annually.

  • Social Media – our department would also enhance its presence on social media to better serve its citizens in the digital age.  The goal would be to have an “open door” policy even electronically.  This would not be intended as a system for reporting crimes, but that would not be necessarily impossible.  The main focus would be communication for both information and even entertainment.

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